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Hello to a person who will be reading this web page(blog). I would like to introduce myself as short as possible to make my self-clear and hopefully maybe one day it will benefit myself. My name is Gytis Bordiugovas. Currently, I am a part-time student and studying HNC in Computing course in College. In this blog, I will write about vehicles, robots, IT technologies, etc. Most of the data written in my articles will be taken from search engines (google, yahoo, etc.) and from a variety of books.

In my free time, I like to meet with my friends to go to meet new people and to do some sports such as basketball, football, rugby, etc. I like to play those sports in real life also I like to play them together with my friends next to gaming machines (PS4, Xbox, Nintendo, etc.).I am happy when I see people cheerful/smiling and pleased next to me. In my spare time, I like to go to libraries and do some reading and research about what is new in our modern technologies. I am using websites such as and to learn about programming and after I am using theory to put them into practice. I am using the laptop every day to communicate with my friends and family over third-party applications while using the Internet.

In my previous academic year(2017-2018) in College, I learned about Computer System Architecture; Database Design & Development; Networking; Security. This current academic year (2018-2019) I will be learning Professional Practise; Programming Level 4; Website design & Development; Managing a Successful Computing Project modules

I have lots of passion for technologies since my childhood. I have lots of hobbies. One of my hobbies includes programming (logical and object-oriented). I am always keen to learn new skills as I found massive interest in electric vehicles(Tesla, Jaguar, etc.), robots and basically all IT technologies such as web developing and design while using languages such as JavaScript, PHP, Java, etc.

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